One day she desided to design the life she loves



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"Let's bundle our talents to design a better world to live in and create a future for our next generation". One love, one heart, one soul, one unity, one goal. Sharing is multiplying. What you do in life with love will echo in eternity ..

Through the combination of creativity and talent, i organize, or take part in the organization of various social, cultural, educational and creative projects as a starting point to improve future prospects.

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One day she decided to design the life she loves.

The artist is nothing without the gift but the gift is nothing without the work. Sharing is multiplying. What you do in life with love will echo in eternity ..

WLP Creative Studio is the worksite of the Soul behind Soulvisiondesigns

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Your scent is a special signature that lingers even after you walk away.

A scent can be a way to express, impress or define yourself, or just to give yourself that special, comfortable or magical feeling, whatever suits you most. A scent can also bring back memories, of a special moment, a person, a season, or a time in your life. Each scent has it’s own special meaning to you and is therefore very personal. Soul Fragrances is a line of perfume oils in progress, combining Creativity, Psychology and Aromatherapy for creating a unique personalized signature scent including therapeutic characteristics


Growing journal of information discovering the mysteries of life. There are things known and things unknown and inbetween there are doors.

Subjects: Universe, Earth, Science, Spirituality and Mysteries | Keywords: News, Information, Education, Research, Sharing, Awareness

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  Planned for 2017


- Philosophy (registered)
- Medical Teminology (registered)


Launch of New Photography Website: 4 July 2016
WLP Photography


  HBO Social Psychology - Ongoing
Diploma HBO Expert Clinical Psychology - 01 March 2016 - Cum Laude
Graduate HBO Clinical Psychology II - 01 March 2016- Grade 9.2
Graduate HBO Clinical Psychology I - 21 Feb 2016 - Grade 9.2

Graduate HBO BK Psychology - 21 Oct 2015 - Cum Laude
  Soul-Fragrances by Soulvisiondesigns: A perfume line in progress .. Ongoing
  Bookofresearch: Blog - Ongoing
Graduate HSP Counseling - 23 Oct 2014 - Grade: 9.3
Certified Webdesign for continued professional development in IT - 20 Aug 2014

Graduate Aromatherapy - 29 Aug 2013 - Grade 8.4
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